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Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management: Preparing for Future Growth

With the consumer behaviors shifting at a rapid pace, the need for the supply chain to be nimble, elastic, and transparent is more critical than ever. If you’re looking at high-value areas to focus on right now, digitizing the supply chain is a strategic investment that has proven to bring in solid financial results and help you move closer to your customers.

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Tech Talks Ep. 2: Your IT Contracts & Service Provider Relationships in the New Normal

Wavestone's Tech Talks is an on-demand series by IT leaders for IT leaders, covering the top issues in IT and business transformation relevant for the new reality. This episode features Sarthak Brahma, VP – Strategic Growth, and sourcing advisory lead giving you a 360° view of where things are, of the shifts in enterprise strategy priorities, and the new expectations from service providers as molded by the COVID-19 crisis.

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8 Ways to Start Transitioning Your Network Services to the New Normal

How to transition your network services to a practical working future in the new reality? Here are 8 key areas you can focus on to enhance your network services and optimize cost at the same time.

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