Michael Montonen
Michael Montonen

Few modern businesses can function to their full capability without some kind of cloud managed services, especially in the current work (and live/play) from home environment. From an IT perspective, using the cloud is more than running an efficient operation or enabling the “mobile office”—it’s mission-critical to the modern enterprise. The cloud allows corporate leaders to cut costs, make the business more agile, find new ways to gain a competitive edge and facilitate quality control, disaster recovery, and security for both their companies and their clients’. 

And while cloud services provide a lot of opportunity, with great opportunity comes great risk. This is especially true if you’re just beginning the transition to a cloud environment. In preparing the migration plan, IT departments must determine how technology components such as applications, data and networks need to be adapted to cloud processing.  Equally important, however, is to carefully work out commercial and contractual issues in advance, since moving to the cloud will have a long-term impact on your business.

Bottom line–the goal for any cloud migration is simple: Make it seamless.

When planning a migration, Wavestone helps our clients develop a smooth glide path to the cloud, which, in addition to the detailed technical roadmap, addresses the commercial relationship. Key topics include: contracts, service level agreements, efficiency, HR/talent, pricing, and cyber security and data privacy. Here are some core tips for each:

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To learn more about how you can help your company achieve a successful cloud transition, download our full-length strategy brief, Key Topics to Consider When Outsourcing Client Facing Cloud Services.

Michael Montonen
Lead Principal

Michael Montonen brings more than 20 years’ experience in driving digital transformation and innovation in Fortune 500 companies and other leading global conglomerates based in the US, Europe, and Latin America. With a strong background in sourcing advisory, IT strategy, enterprise architecture, cloud services, and infrastructure optimization, he has helped CIOs, COOs, and CEOs utilize IT effectively to improve business performance.

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