Jeff Vail
Jeff Vail

WGroup has been working since 2004 to deliver effective technology management consulting to firms all over the world. Our data-driven, business-first approach to outsourcing has allowed companies to reduce costs, increase productivity, and maximize profitability. Our team’s extensive experience working in IT, business process management, and outsourcing allows us to offer a comprehensive view of the outsourcing landscape and provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed. This has fostered continued success in our organization as we have more than doubled in size in the past two years. Now, IAOP is recognizing WGroup’s commitment to better outsourcing by naming us the 2017 World’s Best Outsourcing Advisor.

Endorsed by clients worldwide

Many of WGroup’s top clients endorsed the firm in support of our nomination. They each shared their unique perspective and experiences of WGroup as an organization that has an unwavering commitment to help clients accelerate IT transformation and maximize business value from sourcing initiatives. For these achievements, IAOP gave us a star recognition in Customer References, meaning we achieved a 5-Star rating or higher in that category.

A commitment to excellence

WGroup prides itself on its team of highly skilled industry professionals with hands-on technical and management experience. That’s why we’ve earned several rigorous certifications, such as Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Project Management Professional (PMP). IAOP also recognized this achievement by awarding us the highest possible score in the “Certifications” category.

Fostering innovation

At WGroup, we have a longstanding commitment to providing insights and advice that allow our clients to capitalize on emerging trends and stay ahead of the competition. We believe that IT is moving faster than ever, and executives that don’t act quickly to understand and implement new technologies, strategies and solutions will get left behind. WGroup has an institutionalized program to ensure our consultants are up to date on new technologies and evolving service provider competencies. As a firm that guides clients toward industry-leading IT outsourcing solutions, it’s essential we are current on all capabilities. That’s why IAOP also awarded WGroup a star recognition for innovation, giving us a perfect score of 8 in that category.

Client exchange program

WGroup’s mission is to ensure that our clients are aware of industry best practices that align sourcing and business outcomes. We believe that new technologies like automation and analytics that measure service performance in business outcomes terms will be critical to future success. When developing best practices and guidelines, we find that the most effective way to share our knowledge is by facilitating conversations among clients with similar challenges, regardless of industry. The focus of these sessions is to share information on new innovations and sourcing operating models. These sessions provide insight and foster relationships between IT and sourcing professionals that continue beyond our engagement.

Innovation center of excellence

WGroup has a dedicated innovation service where we teach clients how to innovate and grow on their own. We spend our time enabling teams to function as a strategic advisor inside of their company, just as we are an advisor to our clients. We believe innovation is a structured process, complete with metrics for measuring the function’s contribution to business performance. WGroup sets up “Innovation Centers of Excellence” (iCoEs) within IT and sourcing organizations, allowing companies to continue to be successful, even after we leave.

At WGroup, we’re honored to have received such a prestigious recognition from IAOP. We will continue to work hard and innovate to ensure our clients are equipped with the best knowledge and tools to succeed as technologies, processes, economies and trends change in the coming years.

Jeff Vail
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Jeff leads Wavestone US’ team of experienced consultants and plays a pivotal role in strategy development and execution for the firm. He is a top advisor and thought leader on Wavestone's range of services, spanning IT strategy, run optimization, and IT service management. With more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership functions, he has a deep understanding of what is takes to solve IT’s biggest problems: aligning with the business, lowering costs, and increasing speed and impact.

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