Identify and use the right tech trends to address your company’s internal and external business goals

Today’s CIOs regularly make decisions that impact key components of the digital business. But to do so effectively, they need to sift through the constant influx of new IT and tech trends and identify what works for the short- and long-term goals of the business while considering budget constraints, IT strategy and need.

We believe CIOs take a business-first approach to their IT strategy by using technology to fulfill five core priorities—running the organization, managing infrastructure, digitizing the business, improving the employee experience, and reinforcing cybersecurity—in a way that transforms operations and delivers positive outcomes. In this strategy brief, we will explore:

  • Balancing a growing IT talent gap with an increasingly tech-centric business landscape
  • Using edge computing, 5G, and Software-Defined Networks (SDN) to manage networks efficiently
  • Shaping digital futures with innovations like AI, Green IT and Quantum Technology
  • Digitally enhancing employee performance, satisfaction, attraction, and retention
  • Layering cybersecurity protection efforts in 2021
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