Can the Internet of Things Be Kept Secure From Cyber-Risks?

More data has been generated in the past two years than the entirety of mankind’s history combined, and most of that data resides in the Internet. With so many devices, things and data connected to the Internet, it should not come as a huge surprise that cyber-risks are on the rise.

The rise in cybercrime led noted Internet security pioneer Eugene Kaspersky to dub the Internet of Things (IoT) the “Internet of threats.” While the threat of cyber-risks is very real, there are reasons to believe that Kaspersky’s pessimism is overstated. There are several reasons to remain confident in IoT security, including innovations in IoT app security.

The Importance of IoT Apps

In the vast world of IoT products connected to the Internet, there is a common theme among many of them. IoT products often use apps to help facilitate ease of use and convenience.

When these apps are not secure, the cyber-risk threat rises dramatically. Fortunately, there are easy steps that can be taken to ensure that IoT apps are protected.

Given that applications are a fundamental component of the IoT process, IoT security and protection strategies should start with securing the application itself.

Applications can be secured and bolstered to defend against hacks and cyberattacks by application hardening and runtime protection. These techniques can be effectively implemented without affecting source code since guards can be automatically inserted into the binary code instead.

Subsequently, these guards can be protected in such a way that both the application itself and the guards are both protected. In turn, this ensures there is not a single-point-of-failure that hackers can easily exploit.

Device Makers Can Bake in Security

While app security is crucial and is often the best way to start securing the IoT, baking security into connected devices is also a helpful strategy. Experts suggest that such strategies prioritize safety in the design stage of connected devices, which in turn ensures that device manufacturers share some of the security responsibility.

Developers who think about solving security during the creation stage will help thwart security threats by considering how to create their devices in a way that repels cyber-risks.

Everyone Must Work Together

To successfully win the war for IoT security, consumers, businesses and developers must all do their share. Consumers must educate themselves on the value of creating strong passwords, and they must also regularly change these passwords.

And, while developers must implement security best practices as mentioned, businesses can create dedicated IoT security teams of specialists who ensure that security is a dedicated component of the business roadmap.

Finally, businesses should be honest with customers with regards to privacy policies. When all parties recognize and understand the security risks that face the IoT, everyone can work together to ensure that the IoT is secure. While hackers want to ruin — or exploit nefariously — the incredible innovation that is the IoT, it will not happen so long as everyone fully commits to the necessity of IoT security.

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