Triggered in spring 2016 with the acquisition of Groupama Banque, the launch of Orange Bank was an event unique in the French and European banking landscape. As a leading provider of telecoms services, the Orange group has for several years been engaged in a strategy of diversification to increase the number of growth levers available to the group by building on its strong affinity brand. It was out of this context that the idea of a client-centric 100% mobile bank emerged.

Why did you choose Wavestone?

Wavestone was appointed on the basis of its success in two phases of pitching. In addition to offering a highly relevant response to the ambitions of Orange Bank in terms both of methodology and support capability, Wavestone was seen as particularly distinctive for its culture and mindset, which align perfectly with those of the young management team, and which will make the difference for this project, which must proceed at high speed, and within which a long period of acculturation would be a luxury.

Orange Bank


The goals were ambitious: to launch a comprehensive 100% mobile, multichannel banking service within a few months at most via twin distribution networks (online and physical via the strength of the Orange store network), not to mention the integration of more than 40 different technologies. From the get-go, Orange Bank had to succeed in the challenge of an offensive launch to achieve its target of winning two million customers within ten years, at the same time as continually developing its offering.

Wavestone was tasked with providing management guidance of the program, which in this case means implementing the new bank organizational structure, as well as all the information systems required for its optimum operation. To translate the strategic plan into an operational roadmap, Wavestone put in place a multidisciplinary team of banking and technology practice experts.



CEO Orange Bank

From their first pitch, we felt an affinity with the culture and mindset of Wavestone, which has since proved to be the key component in creating an intense relationship within some very ambitious lead times. The scale of the Orange Bank ambition was such that it demanded an extraordinary level of involvement from all stakeholders in order to rise successfully to the challenge.

Solution and results

In a minimum amount of lead time, Wavestone had not only to deliver this implementation strategy, but also to drill down to the operational level of every task that required such attention to detail: functional specifications, test leadership and management, implementation of the base level technology and IT processes, and the organizational structure of the ISD… The diversity of profiles and skills available to Orange Bank made it possible to respond effectively to all these requirements. It was this ability to contribute as a team player that would make the difference: every level of the organization was involved and committed to achieving the same goal, right up to the bank’s Executive Committee, which was involved at hands-on level.



Partner Wavestone

Having the opportunity to contribute as closely as this to the birth of a new bank is a unique adventure. Becoming involved at a very early stage has allowed us to inject all our expertise. It’s one of the great strengths of Wavestone to be able to conceive a strategy and implement it down to the smallest operational detail.

Orange Bank

This faultless involvement enabled Orange Bank to launch successfully on November 2, 2017 with a rich, competitive and 100%-mobile offering of current accounts and personal loans that integrate the latest payment technologies.
In less than four months, the bank had attracted more than 100,000 customers.

The launch may have been a success, but the Wavestone mission isn’t over yet.

The launch was a success, but Wavestone’s mission isn’t over yet. The firm is now working alongside Orange Bank on supervising the new versions that are regularly implemented to enhance the offering, and on its continual forward development. At the same time, the teams are supporting the process of consolidating the IS and supporting the business teams in their operational guidance and management of these evolutions. Having been intimately involved in the adventure, Wavestone is now a long-term partner engaging in an informal and frank exchange of views on the forward development path and future challenges.


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