Today, implementing robotic process automation (RPA) is no longer enough to maintain a competitive advantage.

Intelligence is often missing from the automation employed by modern businesses. Tasks that involve a modicum of strategic decision-making cannot be automated with RPA alone—but adding artificial intelligence (AI) to automation can change this.

Intelligent automation helps accelerate meaningful digital transformation, making it easier for you to scale up and extract more value from automation.

Here are five ways intelligent automation can help transform your business operations and drive revenue growth.

1. Better IT support and management

When your IT team is swamped with support requests, productivity for the entire organization can suffer. As we move into the new era of hybrid work, supporting remote teams can be especially challenging for overwhelmed IT departments.

Most of these support requests are time-consuming, low-value tasks like password resets, backups, and the creation of new user accounts. Introducing AI along with automation for these routine tasks allows you to boost workforce efficiency while freeing your IT team to focus on solving more complex business problems. This, in turn, allows support staff to better utilize their skills and knowledge, thus enabling a more engaging and fulfilling work experience.

2. Smarter decision-making

The ability to interpret data and derive actionable insights is how companies stay agile and respond quickly to changes from competitors, customers, and trends. The combination of AI and RPA allows you to rapidly process available business data to uncover process optimization opportunities, predict demand fluctuations, accurately anticipate problems, and quickly adjust to keep your business ahead of the curve—all with minimal human intervention.

3. Faster time-to-market

Traditionally, an application can take anywhere between six to 12 months to build, with a large portion of this time spent on slow meticulous tasks like testing and bug fixing. The good news is intelligent automation can help speed things up.

Today, there’s a wide range of AI-powered development tools designed to simplify and streamline the development lifecycle, enabling faster development and delivery of new products and services that meet customer demands. These tools can automatically generate code, flag errors, recommend fixes, and even predict the outcomes of testing without running the actual tests.

4. Improved service levels

Gone are the days when better customer service means recruiting more service desk agents. Self-service has been a key feature of an effective service desk and is now becoming increasingly sophisticated with intelligent automation technologies like chatbots and intelligent search recommendations.

As users are empowered to find the right solutions on their own, service desk agents can focus on handling exceptional cases and priority issues that require a more personal touch. This optimizes your service team’s workload and performance, while accelerating customer response times and keeping communication consistent.

Reduced operational risk

Another area you can make the most impact with intelligent automation is business processes, which often consist of repetitive tasks that are essential for smooth business operations, but are prone to error when performed manually.

With intelligent automation, companies can improve data processing accuracy and speed while reducing the risk of transactional errors, ensuring regulatory compliance. AI-based RPA systems also provide real-time visibility and insights into the health of your operations, allowing you to address workflow gaps to boost business performance and maintain stability when adapting critical processes to new organizational needs.

Taking automation to the next level

As shown above, bringing AI into RPA can offer a lot more than cost savings. Implemented properly, intelligent automation can grow with your business, preparing your organization to meet current and future demands. Use intelligent automation to solve strategic problems and transform the way you do business. With the right IT governance framework, you’ll be able to realize its full benefits fast with minimal risk. What’s most important is to act now before your business loses its competitive edge.


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