After a year like 2020, when COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt to new work-from-home environments and boost revenue through digital business capabilities, businesses are turning to their IT leaders—now seen as frontline business leaders—as key players with the skills, tools, and insights necessary to drive real revenue growth, expand the business, and build solid brand infrastructures. Modern companies need strategic IT players who are highly tuned to the needs of their business and, just as important, understand how to steer and drive that critical change.

As technology continues to create real value for companies, Heads of Infrastructure, CIOs, CTOs, and other IT leaders are being called to step up to a varying set of challenges, from cost efficiency to the delivery of new and innovative products and services. We at Wavestone call this the IT expert’s Portfolio of Valueᵀᴹ—it’s their direct ability to affect business change in real and positive ways. When applied strategically, the results are very powerful; they include reduced business costs, scaled capabilities, new digital experiences for customers, enhanced cybersecurity practices that ultimately give businesses more freedom, and adaptable enterprises that seamlessly fit the post-COVID-19 distributed landscape.

In How IT Leaders Can (And Will) Drive Business Success in 2021, our Wavestone experts (all of whom average 25 years of firsthand experience as IT leaders) explain that Portfolio of Valueᵀᴹ and show how IT leaders can capitalize on it in 2021. This resource offers insight into the following topics:

  • Six critical areas that will change the enterprise IT game in 2021
  • How to best position your IT strategy to achieve your “digital future”
  • Five ways to connect the business “why” to the technology “how”

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