In the uncertain climate of 2022, it’s vital as a leader to continually plan and adapt for the future.

On the cybersecurity front, there are constantly evolving areas of focus you mustn’t ignore. You need a robust strategy to move forward confidently.

With insights from over 40 global cybersecurity experts, Wavestone’s CISO Radar takes a hard, in-depth look at core issues for CISOs to consider, backed by real-life assessments and observations.

Read the 2022 strategy brief and uncover:

  • 3 external factors making it harder than ever to protect your digital assets
  • The rise of cybersecurity as a business differentiator
  • Tips for building a continuity solution that’s both effective and realistic
  • Unique medium-range actions to take
  • How to team with HR to find – and keep – cyber talent
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