When it comes to your organization’s cybersecurity posture, your defenses might be an impenetrable fortress. But how much do you trust the security diligence of your third-party vendors?

Too much, it seems. While 79% of financial services firms say they’d decline vendor relationships due to cybersecurity performance, only 22% monitor their vendors’ cybersecurity performance continuously.

Your vendors’ vulnerabilities could put your source code and customer data at risk unless you proactively manage third-party cybersecurity concerns.

Read our strategy brief for proven defensive moves to protect your cyber supply chain and learn about:

  • Vulnerabilities commonly present across your supply chain process
  • Gaps that can be exploited in the supply chain and how to deal with them
  • Building a resilient cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) strategy
  • An emerging best practice to maintaining your environments’ security

Ready to embrace a stronger operational resilience strategy across your cyber supply chain?

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