Today’s business and technology landscape is constantly changing, forcing IT leaders to regularly reevaluate their needs and budget to keep their company ahead of transformational trends.

To help them manage these challenges, Wavestone has established an expert advisory capability—the only sourcing benchmark advisor on the market that’s created and managed exclusively by consulting leaders and staffed with senior sourcing practitioners and C-suite-level advisors.

Adding to our expertise, we recently acquired Everest Group Consulting to bolster our leading market position in IT-BPO benchmarking advisory and offer 100% advisory intel with unmatched capabilities.

As you navigate your IT and business sourcing advisory needs, our sourcing benchmark advisors will become an integral cog of your company, supporting you through both upstream planning and final negotiated outcomes, sourcing decisions and execution.

Download Wavestone’s benchmark advisory briefs below to see how Wavestone can help you meet your business and technology needs.

They address:

  • How Wavestone can support the entire sourcing lifecycle
  • Why Wavestone’s sourcing benchmark advisor stands out from the competition
  • Key considerations when engaging a benchmarking advisory