When it comes to business automation, most companies turn to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). While efficient, it requires a significant upfront investment of money, time, and talent—CIOs have to purchase the software and train staff to be able to use the program, program the system, and build and maintain the automation the business needs. The hope? That they will make up for that time and financial output over time, with no guarantees that they’ll see a return on investment.

To achieve the same goal with less output, CIOs should consider RPA-as-a-Service, a pay-as-you go model that automates business IT processes with zero financial risk to the company. In this episode of A Better Mousetrap, John Webber (Managing Director at Wavestone US), Jane Borbee (SVP of Operations at Homestead Funding Group), and Avery Fisher (CEO of HPA, A Cognizant Company) discuss the benefits of incorporating RPA-as-a-Service into today’s business IT strategies.

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