The pressure is on companies in the transportation and travel sector to up their game as more and more new digital-native players emerge on the scene. Not only do the established organizations have to contend with these market disrupters, but they must also deal with the usual existing disruptive elements such as weather delays, natural disasters, emergencies, maintenance, and so on.

To stay in the fast lane, industry leaders need to focus on modernizing legacy infrastructure and processes and adopting new integrated models to help people or goods reach their destination safely and efficiently. From operators and distributors to infrastructure and station managers, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation, and everyone must play their part in negotiating the transformation process.

There are scalable solutions that can transform and advance your current operations as well as support your innovation efforts. From achieving higher visibility in your supply chain, maximizing assets, and lowering costs via new technology to elevating the customer experience and building loyalty, our consultants can help your company get ahead of the game.

Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in transportation and travel:

  • New offers and customer experience
  • Rail stations & airports: new travel & living spaces
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • Performance of production and exploitation

Case Study: Integration and Optimization

A $2 billion aviation services company wanted a structured enterprise architecture process and organization design to support the development of consistent standards across the merged IT entities. The engagement with Wavestone included enterprise architecture governance processes, EA strategy policy, technical reference models, and metrics.

Value: The EA framework developed standards within the IT organization enabling improved IT decision-making processes and an environment for future potential growth in the market.