The media and entertainment sector is a multifaceted industry in a constant state of flux driven by new technologies, cross-company mergers, and a high level of demand and consumption. Competition is fast and fierce, and there is much to lose with one wrong move. Leaders require operational excellence and greater visibility across the entire value chain.

It is about offering choice, convenience, connectivity, and customization, delivered fast, and uninterrupted, on a secure, cross-platform basis to a highly empowered consumer with high expectations—and turn a profit. How do you break new ground and earn pole position?

There are ways to accelerate your business, explore new sources of growth, build operational resilience, and delight your customers at the same time. Our industry experts can help you develop and execute on smart and sustainable strategies, gain competitive edge with innovative services than price, and maybe even venture into new business horizons.

Discover the key ideas and issues driving our commitment to telecom, media & entertainment:

  • Creating a customer-centric media
  • The future of free and paid TV players
  • Reinvent towards vertical integration and diversification

Case Study: VMO Assessment, IT Strategy and Planning

The vendor management office was struggling with its role and value in the growing $13 billion broadcast media company with 10,000 employees.

Value: Provided blueprint and plan to achieve fully-functioning vendor management team driving strategic direction and innovation.