IT is becoming increasingly vital to energy and utilities providers as they navigate regulation, external threats, and growing consumer expectations. Reliability and quality are top concerns, and so is appeasing demanding and empowered customers. Leaders in the industry need to understand and leverage technology to optimize every aspect of operations, from the back office and production to logistics and customer databases, and they need to do it quickly and effectively to stay ahead of their competitors.

The goal today is to become more sustainable and digital, and the technological trends that are driving it include cloud, analytics, digital experience, blockchain, cognitive, digital reality, core modernization, cyber, and the business of technology. Industry players who have managed to reinvent themselves successfully focus on three key actions: pioneering new energy systems, navigating the resources revolution, and building the smart cities and homes of the future. New service opportunities and streamlined asset management provided by data and IoT will be fundamental to powering tomorrow’s world.


Discover the key ideas and stakes driving our engagements in energy and utilities:

  • Transforming value proposition and organizing key energy and utilities players in the new energy era
  • Industrial IoT & 4.0 infrastructures
  • Creating value through data in asset management and new customer services
  • Positioning energy and utilities players in smart cities

Case Study: Cloud Computing Assessment and Strategy Recommendations

A $6 billion energy company aspired to have a cloud-first strategy but lacked broader strategic underpinning. Our consultants provided a plan for improving business effectiveness via cloud technologies.

Achieved: $1 million to $3 million in annual cost savings.