No other industry has evolved as rapidly and dramatically as consumer goods and retail. New technologies and growing customer expectations have pushed companies to adopt digital-forward strategies to keep their business at the forefront, resulting in a complex and highly competitive landscape.

In the age of the Amazon-native generation, meeting customer expectations requires delivering a seamless online-offline experience, and personalization, and establishing trust. These requirements are shaping the new mandate on innovation, customer-facing services and technology for CIOs—they need to strike the perfect balance between making the business more efficient and providing a compelling omnichannel customer experience.

Our consultants have the insight and experience to help you address your transformation needs and business goals and make the strategic decisions that will shape the future of your business.


Wavestone engagements in consumer goods and retail include:

  • Optimizing omnichannel customer experience
  • Improving operating model effectiveness
  • Leveraging new technology to improve operations and supply chain

Case Study: Transformational Project Supporting Network and Cloud Initiatives

A $68 billion home improvement retailer with 300,000 employees was experiencing outages due to technical debt. Wavestone transformed its data centers from server 3-tier architecture to hyper-converged infrastructure and converted the existing network to SD-WAN.

Value: Improved agility, performance, and operational efficiency while eliminating technical debt and reducing costs.