As businesses become more reliant on technology, cybercrime is becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. The average global probability of a material breach in the next 24 months is 27.9% and the average total cost of a data breach is $3.92 million.

Your IT management must think about how to reconcile the business value of data with respect to people's privacy, digital trust, and regulatory compliance. Companies in the lead are already investing in cyber insurance, supply chain security, cyber resilience, and M&A security. For your organization to achive its digital transformation goals, you need to ensure security at every phase of your project executions, at every level of your operations.

Wavestone, a leader in cyber security

At Wavestone, our development of a cyber crisis management plan in underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of each company's IT environment across three critical dimensions.

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  1. Cyber Resilience

    How resilient is your business? Our consultants will assess and determine the best strategy that will enable you to deal with more than one incident at a time before your operation are compromised

  2. Cyber Response

    Are you able to detect and respond to a cyber-attack as quickly and effectively as possible? Based on your company's unique layout and operations, we will develop a playbook that covers a variety of incidents and scenarios that will enable you to detect, react and respond accordingly.

  3. Cyber Recovery

    After a crisis, how smoothly can your business return to its business-as-usual state? This is about preparing for the worst case scenario, and putting in place a system that will allow you to swiftly rebuild and restore.

Our consultants offer a strong combination of functional, technical, and sector-specific expertise across various industries, especially in the fields of financial services, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, Industry 4.0 and the internet of things. Globally, our consultants have covered more than 1,000 engagements per year in 20 countries.

Our key areas of cyber security expertise include:

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