Our Contract Diagnostic Assessment is a quick-turn contract pricing review, which evaluates your vendor contract cost in comparison to the best current market rates. If needed, we also have a comprehensive contract database comprising of software, hardware, and services vendors in the market that details market pricing and discount levels, request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) responses, as well as differentiation, capabilities, and references.

Sample of the diagnostic report

Our methodology will provide you with the leverage you need to renegotiate and get some relief from your expensive contracts. Each one is crafted from the ground up to give you visibility of the actual cost of services, not just a budget fly-over.

There are six key considerations in our methodology:

  1. Adjusted for Volume and Quality
    Normalized comparisons that factor differences in service quality, responsiveness, and consumption levels.
  2. Service Inclusions and Exclusions
    Normalized comparisons that take into account the exact work elements that are in-scope.
  3. Inclusive of Financial and Technology Parameters
    Cost of capital, depreciation, lease vs. buy, volume purchase agreements, the timing of the acquisition, the life cycle of equipment, and the currency of technology.
  4. Fully Burden Total Service Costs with Management
    We conduct a broader Total Cost for Service Analysis that includes management, governance, and uniqueness in individuals and teams.
  5. Data Validated by Experience
    Data validation supplemented with interviews. Other firms delegate benchmarking to the least experienced consultants who may not have the background to challenge the validity or completeness of data received by a client.
  6. Action-Oriented Findings
    Too often, benchmarks only indicate high/low costs. We provide actionable results with each assessment.

The Contract Diagnostic Assessment can be completed within three days. Click here to speak to an expert.