Work with the best

Ours is a business built on expertise, driven by dedicated talent from all around the globe. To provide our clients with the unique perspectives that will guide their strategic decisions, Wavestone recruits the very best talent. We look for all types of profiles, from new graduates to professionals with broad career experience, marked by a strong sense of commitment and collaboration. We are highly invested in attracting passionate people who stand out for their innovative and pragmatic approach, agility, and business and tech savvy, and are able to deliver value-added consulting to our clients.

Achieve your full potential

Grow rapidly, develop expertise, manage teams, or even change roles or countries... the ambitions of our employees are a core concern for us. We support all our employees in their development and the achievement of their goals. Beyond the experience of challenging assignments with major client accounts, the development of our employees and people is based on formal business training materials and opportunities to carry out in-house projects.

Love your working environment

The world of consulting is a demanding one, and we aim to provide a diverse, and engaging culture for all team members to grow and excel. We believe that close interaction and collaboration between people of different seniority levels cultivate a culture of continuous learning, creativity, and excellence.

Work-life balance has been a priority for us for many years. This means concrete measures that favor flexibility and respect for getting the balance right. Wavestone has been recognized as a certified Great Place to Work. It also holds Happy Trainees and Happy at Work/Starters status.

Join us

Come and meet us to sketch out a plan for our future work together. At Wavestone, we see our recruitment process as a key opportunity to get to know each other.

Our Values

We strive to establish momentum-building force for our clients by structuring everything we do to reinforce what we call “The Positive Way.” The Positive Way is the name of the set of values we embody at Wavestone. It is the glue that binds our teams together. These essential values of Client Satisfaction, Employee Development, Responsibility & Ethics, and Collective Mindset serve as our compass, becoming more and more crucial as our company expands.

Our Support

The level of flexibility we provide is equal to the success level of your career. We offer several things to enable your success as a Wavestone team member in the US, with a friendly and comfy workspace, robust knowledge base, an account management team, a fully dedicated marketing team, deliverable creation and execution support, and a channel devoted to making our consultants the most insightful IT and business advisors in the world.


Featured Consultant

"The Wavestone methodology allows me to leverage best practices that I can flex to the needs of the client. The collaborative culture and accessibility of my fellow consultants gives me easy access to a broad knowledge base of senior executives that have 'been there and done that'.

I have the freedom to determine the best way to deliver value to our clients, with a peer group of willing collaborators and a fully supportive, sleeves rolled up, leadership team."

Keith Chappell

Keith Chappell
Managing Principal

"Wavestone US provides me with a plethora of opportunities every day to grow and develop in my career and allows me to lead and create value for critical client engagements. The leaders and senior executives at Wavestone embody and encourage innovation, confidence, and compassion. Each and everyone’s ideas and unique perspectives are valued and supported. The collaborative and inclusive culture at Wavestone is incomparable."

Alisha Aggarwal

Neha Kotha


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