Data and analytics can be utilized by companies in ways that can transform industries. With good data and strong analytic capabilities, organizations can make informed and, conceivably, better decisions using data, without having to rely exclusively on intuition. Without analytics powered by trusted data there is no digital transformation enabling enhanced customer interactions and delivering competitive advantages, and the pace of innovation is significantly slowed.

Investments in data and analytics capabilities and initiatives are greater than ever, but organizations are coming to the growing realization that embedding these capabilities within their firms and transforming the cultures of their organizations will take time. And despite this increased investment, many organizations continue to struggle to drive business transformation from their data and analytics.

The good news is that 91.9% of CDO/CDAOs and data leaders stated that their firms had delivered measurable business value from data and analytics investment. But this contrasts with the progress they are making in developing long-term capabilities. Many firms seem able to focus on specific initiatives or problems, but building scalable, sustainable capabilities remains difficult.

Whether you need to enhance your existing capabilities, develop new analytic capabilities, completely reset your analytic strategy, or better engage with stakeholders, Wavestone has the experience to assist you on that journey. Wavestone’s approach begins with understanding your business needs and goals, assessing your current state strengths and gaps relative to meeting those needs, and then define a go-forward target state, strategy, and roadmap to help you develop your analytic capabilities while delivering business value incrementally.

At Wavestone, we leverage our thought leadership and best practice experience, combined with our iterative, collaborative approach, to help organizations develop the analytic capabilities and programs they need to deliver specific business goals. We bring a broad range of skills that can help you reset your strategy, develop, or optimize your operating model, develop aligned architectures, platforms, tooling and processes.

We can help you in a variety of ways. We have a comprehensive analytics framework to guide activities and assessments and have delivered a variety of project work spanning from assessments, strategies, and platforms, to targeted capabilities such as AI/ML operating models, developing business driven use cases and business measures.

A few examples of deliverables we tailor to best meet your needs include:

Best Practice Assessment

Critical Use Case Prioritization

Business Case and Strategic Roadmap

Target State Analytic, AI/ML Operating Models

Model Management/Governance

Adoption and Change Management

Implementation Support

Platform, Tools, and Architecture

Data Product Management

Wavestone is uniquely positioned to help you through your journey by providing a wide range of services including:


Quick alignment on business needs and high-priority focus areas

Rapid assessment and feedback based on industry best practices

Practical insights and recommendations founded on real-world experience

Business-outcome-focused roadmap and action plans

Access to expert, independent, and outside-the-four-walls perspective

Data and Information fuel your business. AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and BI solutions that inform your decisions are only effective when you have trusted, good quality data and well-managed models.

Great programs take a comprehensive approach to addressing their ability deliver business value by integrating data and analytic investment and management.

At Wavestone, we take a holistic view to addressing your analytic needs, factoring in model and data management, data and analytic governance, architecture, and change management. Our guidance can provide effective, pragmatic approaches to help you realize your goals.

Case Study: Real-World Informatics & Analytics at a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Two major pharmaceutical companies had merged to create a global pharmaceutical giant. The combined entity launched a major data and analytics modernization program. The program included rationalization of existing and duplicative functionality within the original companies and sought to drive and accelerate innovation and insights.

Wavestone designed a cloud-based Data & Analytics platform that enabled near-real-time capabilities and rapid scaling, empowered ad-hoc, in-memory business intelligence and v isual analytics across the firm, improved data discovery through the implementation of a data catalog, and modernized data acquisition, curation, encryption, and archiving.

The work resulted in measurable, improved customer experience and loyalty, improved revenues, lower-cost/more efficient operations, integrated and aligned business processes, and more transparent risk management, including the implementation of enterprise-class data security and compliance.

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