In a world where data is driving innovation in both business and society, many companies are still struggling to drive data transformation, become data driven and realize benefits from their data investments. Significant investments are being made in technology and infrastructure, yet our research shows the biggest challenges are human factors – culture, people, process, or organization. Recognizing that strategies and initiatives often succeed or fail because of these human factors, organizations should also recognize that they cannot take those factors for granted and instead should include a specific change management approach and plan to drive change and transformation in a positive way.

Cultural factors continue to be the greatest obstacle to delivering business value from data investments –
The vast majority of data leaders – 79.8% – continue to cite cultural issues — organizational receptivity to change and business transformation, changes to organizational processes, people and skills, organizational alignment, and communications – as the greatest obstacles to realizing business value, reflecting that change is seldom easy, and organizational transformation tends to move slowly. Yet, investment in people skills such as building data literacy, remain low – just 1.6% cited this as their top investment priority. A sign of hope is that 70.9% of CDO/CDAOs and data leaders report that their firms are receptive to change and organizational transformation.

Findings from Data and Analytics Leadership Executive Survey 2023

At Wavestone, our change management approach starts with and emphasizes business outcomes as defined by business goals and understood through key use cases. Our best practices experience and your local knowledge, combined with our iterative, collaborative approach, accelerates development and execution of the change management plan.

Wavestone drives organizational change management efforts for organizations at all levels of scope and duration; from small agile iterative enhancements to large enterprise transformational initiatives. Our approach is customized to your specific needs, desired outcomes and culture, and includes the following:

Change Management Framework


Best Practices

Alignment with business goals to ensure desired business outcomes

Intermediate milestones that produce value

Execution of communications early and often to achieve lasting benefit

Organizational transformation to build a sustainable data culture

Collaboration between all employees, from entry-level to top-management

Winning the support of employees with persuasiveness and adjustments to overcome inertia and resistance

Ongoing measurement to establish and maintain credibility and momentum

Revise and adapt to stay current and competitive

Wavestone is uniquely positioned to help you through your journey from strategy through implementation, providing the level of support you require for the transformation journey. We can tailor our approach to provide the right level of support that you need to ensure success.

Wavestone Benefits:

Quick alignment on business needs

Rapid assessment and feedback based on industry best practices

Practical insights and recommendations founded on real-world experience

Business-outcome focused roadmap and action plans

Access to expert, independent, and outside-the-four-walls perspective

Case Study: Streamline Drug Trials

Biomedical company undertook a transformational program to streamline the way that drug trial projects were planned and delivered, including becoming more data-driven in decision making. This change required new system integrations, data models, and processes at the core of their business. Wavestone drove the change management program for this multi-year, global, transformation initiative and provided support for adoption of an Agile methodology. The program resulted in the successful launch of new clinical trial and resource management system, seamless adoption of the Agile methodology, and increased efficiency in delivery.

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