The purpose of IT governance is to drive IT strategic alignment with business priorities, ensure that IT investments create value from an enterprise perspective, and validate that IT delivers an appropriate level of service to the business. Governance is often managed by a board of IT and business leaders and provides a framework and discipline for:

  • Facilitating quick, efficient, and transparent decision making
  • Optimizing IT service delivery across all enterprise operating units
  • Ensuring consistency with the overall business strategy and operating model, IT strategy, and enterprise architecture
  • Maximizing the business value of IT investments
  • Balancing the competing needs of different operating units
  • Ensuring accountability for decisions and outcomes
Levels of Governance and Control Mechanisms

Wavestone has extensive experience in the creation and optimization of IT governance models tailored to the needs of each business, and the design of cross-organizational governing bodies that work within that model. We take a pragmatic approach to engaging the business in developing meaningful governance that accelerates the impact of IT.

We cover all aspects of the IT governance assessment, design, and implementation.

Program Change Management

Governance Assessment

Wavestone will assess existing processes and mechanisms by which senior business leaders evaluate, direct and monitor the IT function within their organization, including:

  • Authority and decision rights
  • Decision-making processes
  • Governance structures and cadences
  • Communication and information flow
  • Oversight effectiveness


Wavestone will help your organization design the future state IT governance model to improve effectiveness and increase the alignment between IT planning and execution and business objectives and strategy. Elements of a governance model include:

  • Scope of oversight
  • Governance objectives
  • Planning and decision-making processes
  • Monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Governance structures and cadences

Implementation Planning

Wavestone will develop a phased implementation plan to transition to a new IT governance model while taking into account cultural, organizational, process, and skills related impacts. This includes the staging of capability development to provide a foundation upon which to build and to manage stakeholder perceptions and expectations throughout the transformation process.

Implementation Execution

Wavestone can lead the overall IT governance model implementation process and provide stakeholders and participants with a structured plan and experience-based guidelines to enable the broader team to successfully adopt the governance principles, practices, and processes established in the design phase.

Strategy Brief

Elevate the conversation between IT and the organization

Discover how the right governance model can help you prioritize the technology initiatives that will deliver the best business outcomes


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