In an increasingly competitive global market, mergers and acquisitions are a popular strategy for continuous external growth, yet only 40% of such initiatives achieve their ROI targets. That’s because the process of merging two companies—involving significant operational and cultural changes—is a complex challenge for management teams who often have limited experience in the field. We find that the major issues revolve around:

  • Integration strategy and merger process steering
  • Technology integration
  • Change management

Wavestone provides end-to-end support to clients going through transformations such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs, and divestitures. Our dedicated research center and years of expertise, coupled with our technology-driven mindset, allow Wavestone to deliver best-in-class assistance at all stages of such transformations, namely due diligence, pre-close planning, and integration. Our expertise in IT strategy, cybersecurity, and transversal people management help us anticipate and prepare for the challenges in a variety of scenarios, from organization to infrastructure through to business processes (HR, finance, IT, sourcing, etc.)

Our methodology, which is designed to be flexible, is focused on achieving your desired outcomes.


We help our clients address challenges across the M&A lifecycle


Our areas of focus:

  • Identifying the information systems and technology (IS&T) risks and impacts during the due diligence phase
  • Efficiently negotiating a transitional service agreement (TSA) regarding IS&T
  • Preparing the Day One checklist
  • Strategies to integrate a new entity while ensuring operational continuity and respecting the end of the TSA
  • Rationalizing applications and infrastructure assets during the integration phase
  • Ensuring an efficient IS&T transition during M&A or divestiture events
Strategy Brief

The M&A Playbook for IT

Learn more about planning and executing a good technology integration plan and overcoming the biggest IT integration challenges in M&As


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