Cloud transformation is not just about technology. It’s about harnessing its power to fuel businesses—with greater speed, efficiency, and innovation at a lower cost. We help you realize the value of your investment for cloud-powered business transformation, starting with its power to make your organization “asset light” while balancing service level assurance and compliance. Since cloud truly implies a paradigm shift, IT management must carefully consider the potential challenges that cloud migrations present and know how to differentiate between workloads that are suitable for the cloud and those that are not. 

This means the role of in-house IT is changing from being a service provider to being a service broker, requiring new vendor management skills. Today’s technology leaders need to proactively manage cultural changes to support emerging development models, all the while asserting strong architectural governance.

We can help navigate such challenging parameters. Wavestone’s consultants have worked on countless cloud projects for Fortune 1000 clients across all industries. We are experienced in the rigorous financial modeling (including TCO estimation) of cloud models, the strategic assessment of cloud IaaS and PaaS technology partners, and the actual selection of SaaS products. We also bring additional expertise in multi-supplier governance and IT organization and business redesign, acting as cloud strategy partners and taking full advantage of the characteristics of cloud strategy as users or providers. 

Wavestone Data Center, Cloud Migration Strategy, and Planning Framework

Cloud Strategy & Migration

Wavestone’s approach to cloud strategy creation is founded on three principles:

/ Every client situation is different, and the approach must be tailored to fit the situation and the client’s culture and management style.

/ Collaboration with the client and providers yields the best solution for the client.

/ There are no preconceived solutions; creativity from both the client and provider can create value.

As you create or evaluate your cloud migration strategy goals, Wavestone can work with your organization to accelerate business outcomes with cloud-powered solutions. We focus on five areas:

/ Cloud impact analysis and cost modeling

/ Cloud readiness of the organization, application portfolio, and architecture

/ Cloud security

/ Vendor selection and negotiation

/ Governance

With the right strategy and partner, enterprises can maximize the power of the cloud and innovate to add speed, reduce complexity, streamline operations, improve customer experiences, increase revenue, and more. Each organization is on their own journey—there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to cloud security, and many options out there can be overwhelming. Our Wavestone experts will learn the objectives of your business and harness the cloud to help your organization achieve its desired outcomes.

Strategy Brief

The Cloud Optimization Playbook

Overcome the cost, efficiency, and security barriers to optimal cloud performance


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