Strong program management is a cornerstone for success in any business initiative, but it is especially important in IT. Effective program management supports the structure, analysis, planning, and tracking of IT initiatives to ensure scarce IT resources and expenditures are effectively impacting business capability, agility, and performance.

Our experts help set up your enterprise project management office (EPMO) by assessing and establishing a repeatable disciplined program portfolio management (PPM) governance framework and EPMO reporting structure. Our consultants typically begin with a baseline assessment and present findings to clients. We then develop targeted improvement strategies to enhance project office effectiveness, including project estimating practices, demand management and planning, project risk assessments, and project manager competency assessments. In addition, Wavestone is regularly retained to provide executive oversight for an organization’s most critical initiatives, while mentoring talent to enable the organization to stand on its own.

Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) Structure

In order to establish an effective EPMO reporting structure, we focus on five key areas:

Enterprise Business Strategy

/  Develop a strong strategic plan and strategic enterprise industry goals and imperatives.

/  Connect specific programs to strategy goals.

Portfolio Alignment

Plan, measure, and align business returns to portfolio investments.

Program Delivery

Centralize the coordination of projects to achieve specific strategic objectives.

Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO)

Enable the functional EPMO reporting structure and team that supports service delivery across the enterprise, facilitates enterprise and PPM investment decisions, and remains responsive to changing business requirements.

Project Delivery

Manage a single team to produce a product, service, or outcome.

Wavestone develops the PPM model and implementation by interacting and collaborating with key stakeholders, as we believe that this leads to better buy-in and ownership of the result. Our engagement and expertise in creating an effective EPMO reporting structure enables the following:

/  Establishment of an EPMO

/  At-risk program assessment and remediation

/  Technology maturity, including automation leverage

/  Project governance design

/  Project Management Organization (PMO) design

/  Optimization and interim leadership

Let our experts guide you as you implement effective program management projects that enable you to meet your most critical business needs.

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