In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises worldwide had to pivot and transform their business models, making mission-critical moves to cut discretionary project spend and facilitate good program portfolio management. Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) is a must when it comes to the delivery of these critical transformative initiatives, as it provides a comprehensive view of a company’s entire project portfolio. When implemented as a strategic capability, quality program portfolio management can also significantly improve project success and business value realization.

Wavestone consultants have extensive experience facilitating Enterprise Program Management Offices and can provide the necessary expertise to quickly assess, implement, and oversee effective program portfolio management services that fit the needs of any business and boost project delivery and performance. We offer clients a tailored approach based on their unique and technical requirements, scope of competition, and environment, and advise them as they develop a successful program portfolio management strategy to match.

Program Portfolio Management

To achieve the most value from an Enterprise Program Management Office, we take an iterative and consultative, agile approach to assess, design, and execute a program management framework that “sticks”—regardless of the complexity or size of an organization.

Our maturity assessment framework brings the right focus to EPMO success, guided by the following considerations:

/ Is the organization/structure aligned to achieve the vision of the EPMO?

/ Is the organization focused on getting the correct processes?

/ Are people ready to embrace and adopt change?

/ Does the company culture/behavior support this change? 

/ Are there mature tools, data, and reporting in place to drive information transparency?

program portfolio management: assessment approach

Our proven approach to program portfolio management is based on industry best practices, our individual and collective Wavestone experience, adherence to standards and compliance, and business objectives. Results include:

Business-Driven Investment

Get a clear understanding of your business strategy and priorities to be able to align the portfolio and project delivery your business needs to succeed. Effective support will require the right level of project maturity, actions, and investments.

Current State Assessment

Rapidly assess the current state and efficacy of the organization’s portfolio and program and project capabilities to drive smart investments and rapid improvement.

Delivery Effectiveness

Be able to evaluate the disposition of the organization’s people, process, and technology. Elevate the current approach for deploying, managing, and governing projects. Use best practices to balance scale and cost efficiency with innovation and speed of delivery.

Strengthening Enterprise Program Management Capabilities

Achieve a comprehensive risk, maturity, opportunity assessment, and recommendations—supported by a strategic business case and comprehensive roadmap—to enable a mature program management capability.

Let our Wavestone experts help you use program portfolio management to transform your business and meet your future goals.

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