For today’s companies to really thrive in a digital business landscape, they must integrate both employees and partners into the transformation journey. Creating a digital culture in the workplace isn’t a quick or easy feat. The companies that successfully execute their digital transformation are those with an internal culture that embraces digital and multichannel media and can compete in today’s ever-changing, digitized, and fast-moving business landscape.

To develop this digital culture, businesses need to make enterprise-wide changes and adopt new ways of thinking and working. Our Wavestone experts can support business leaders as they set, shape, and measure their digital culture and implement “people” change processes, adapt organizational structures and roles and responsibilities, and help partners and employees introduce digital channels into their everyday tasks.

An effective digital culture starts with the following:

Human-First Approach

Focus on the people for whom you are developing your processes or products. Developing empathic design with the customers, partners, and employees you are targeting or working with in mind is critical for innovation.

Design Thinking

Improve business performance by using forward-looking technology and integrating the requirements of your customers and partners into your design thinking.

Culture of Innovation

Build a culture of innovation within all functions of the business to promote failure tolerance for new ideas, encourage risk taking in developmental initiatives, and create enterprise-wide collaboration and trust.

Organizational Skills

Evolve team skills to embed digital ways of working and enable the digital maturity of the business to progress quickly.

Wavestone has helped many organizations establish an agile, efficient digital culture that focuses their efforts, internally and externally, on people. Our experts will assess the skill levels, capabilities, and organizational structure(s) present and needed in your company to support your digital transformation, and give you a competitive advantage by infusing design thinking into all related initiatives. Additionally, we want to help you understand the process of digitization and why creating a digital culture is crucial to the success of any modern business transformation.

Strategy Brief

The Four Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation

Overcome key organizational conflicts and keep your transformation agenda in check.


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