As cyber threats evolve, businesses need to have effective identity and access management (IAM) controls in place to secure correct access to their most critical data and resources. Upon implementation, these controls will manage the people involved in specific activities of the organization and their rights, thus ensuring that the right access is granted to the right users at the right time and consequently applying the need-to-know and least-privilege IAM principles.

Industry and access management can be challenging since organizations face issues related to on-premise and cloud applications and systems, synchronization between HR and the industry and access management tools, and complications with the user lifecycle. “Zero Trust” principles further emphasize the importance of the identity-based security that extends to device identity management.

Identity & Access Management Tools

Privileged Access Management

Unauthorized access to a privileged account can have disastrous consequences for an organization—and those who do get access are the most targeted assets of attackers. To protect privileged access from both external and internal threats, privileged access management (PAM) tools exist to inventory, control, and monitor privileged accounts. Our Wavestone experts have extensive experience helping clients develop and implement identity and access management tools and strategies like PAM, and defining correlating processes to protect their privileged access.

Active Directory Strategies

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Active Directory—the “crown jewels” of cyberspace—is the primary means by which users authenticate to different systems and applications, making it a top target for cybercriminals who want to access sensitive company resources and data. Securing identity and access management tools like this should be at the core of any identity and access management strategy. Our consultants lead businesses through the implementation of Active Directory processes that incorporate the Tiering model, best security practices, and a variety of other controls.

Wavestone believes that identity and access management goes beyond IT, serving as an enterprise project that requires the participation of business and HR teams, too. We will tailor an approach to your organization’s needs and ensure all identity and access management initiatives implement needed security measures while putting end users and business goals first.

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