The developments we have seen from organizations to advance their technology systems and digitize their stored data over the past decade have been monumental. However, cybercriminals have also advanced in unfathomable ways. Despite the implementation of security regulations like NYS DFS, GDPR, CCPA, and more, data breaches are at an all-time high as cybercriminals find new ways to leverage data hacking and fraud. To ensure your organization isn’t the next to face reputation damage or intellectual property loss, it’s essential for you to evolve your cybersecurity efforts and ensure you have the right protocols in place to keep your most valuable asset—your data—protected. 

Data Protection and Privacy Assessment

Wavestone addresses these issues and helps protect businesses against cybercriminals by using the power of machine learning and other innovative techniques to transform data protection and privacy assessment programs. The following diagram represents the critical steps in Wavestone’s data protection and privacy review, design, and implementation process:

Transform and Innovate Anti-Fraud

Our Wavestone consultants are fluid and results-driven and tailor their data protection and privacy solutions to meet every client’s expectations. Developing this data protection and privacy assessment entails:

/ Anticipating new trends in the fight to protect an organization’s data

/ Defining strategies to protect data that is consistent with the risks, challenges, and organizational impacts of a business

/ Identifying vulnerabilities for business processes and business applications

/ Determining what data is sensitive and creating procedures for labelling data

/ Implementing controls for data protection and privacy, such as DLP; data at rest, in use, or in transit encryption; data flow encryption; e-DRM; physical and container-level encryption, etc.

/ Creating data cleansing procedures, like policies for data protection and privacy and a cleansing taskforce

No detail is ignored as our experts strengthen your cybersecurity efforts and make your business more competitive in the marketplace. For businesses, data is—and always will be—their greatest asset. A tailored and precise data protection and privacy assessment strategy is the only way to ensure that it is protected to the highest possible degree.

Strategy Brief

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