While a crisis is, by nature, unpredictable and uncertain, business leaders still need to ensure their company is prepared for whatever might come their way. Organizations must define their cybersecurity crisis management plan, processes, and tools in advance so that they can overcome unexpected events or cybersecurity attacks with little-to-no business disruption for them or their clients. To help companies master this governance, Wavestone offers cybersecurity crisis management exercises of all sizes and complexities with realistic crisis scenarios, from small table-top tests focused on participant awareness to complicated global exercises that require multiple cells all over the world. 

Incident Response & Forensics (CERT-W)

Through our Computer Emergency and Response Team – CERT-W, our Wavestone experts deliver top-tier, 24/7 incident response services that companies can leverage in the event of a cyber breach or crisis. CERT-W centralizes Wavestone’s cyber incident response capabilities to bring together a set of technical and business skills focused on five key areas:

Digital Forensic Investigation

Analyze and handle all suspected or confirmed system compromises and identify targeted data and methods of attack.


Cybercrime Crisis Management

Facilitate prior crisis organization and testing, real cybersecurity crisis management leadership, team coordination, and all executive reporting.


Threat Intelligence & Raising Awareness

Establish threat watch, attractiveness assessments, risk-mapping, cyber insurance and related projects.


Audits & Intrusion Tests

Enable cyber attack simulations, social engineering, and certified ISO 27001 physical intrusion tests.


Remediation Support & Business Continuity

When necessary, construct action plans, correct vulnerabilities, secure information systems, and rebuild secured perimeters from scratch.


Cybersecurity Crisis Management Plan

Our Computer Emergency and Response Team (CERT W) is referenced by major insurers as the premier IT expert and response team in the case of a cybersecurity breach. Businesses trust Wavestone to help them recover from attacks as quickly as possible in the short term, and build infrastructure improvement and resiliency projects to help avoid and minimize the effects of attacks in the long term. Engage with our CERT-W team and rest assured that your cybersecurity crisis management efforts will position you for continual success.


CERT-W is an accredited CERT of TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer and responds to the requirements of the CERT® Coordination Center.

Strategy Brief

Cybersecurity Risk Management & Cyber Insurance Issues in a Post-Pandemic Era

More frequent cyber attacks, volatility, and risk are forcing enterprises to prioritize cybersecurity now more than ever.

Featured Expert

  • Featured Expert - Baptistin Buchet

    Baptistin Buchet

    Head of Cybersecurity & Digital Trust

    • Baptistin Buchet leads the cybersecurity activities at the Wavestone US office in New York City. Certified in both CISSP and CISM, he has extensive expertise in risk management, security architecture, crisis management, and emerging technologies.
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