Your enterprise cannot afford to be held back by legacy infrastructure. Opportunities for service delivery and IT infrastructure modernization are greater than ever before with the advent of cloud, automation, multi-sourcing, and other new service delivery models. IT must deliver infrastructure services that are high performing, scalable, on-demand, and cost-efficient, but these capabilities are often impeded by technical debt, legacy systems, and a portfolio of data centers. Merger and acquisition events complicate these challenges even further.

Wavestone helps IT leaders move through their IT infrastructure modernization journey, which includes physical consolidation, virtualization, converged architecture, standardization, automation, and ultimately a wide adoption of cloud services. We help clients achieve operational excellence, agility, and significant cost savings by engaging in IT infrastructure modernization and optimizing the run environment. In short, you need a better, smarter, and more strategic infrastructure to meet your business requirements.

 IT Infrastructure Modernization

cloud infrastructure modernization

Our operating model optimization methodology comprises four key elements:

infrastructure modification definition


Process & Organization Assessment

Review organization roles and responsibilities. Assess the current state of in-scope processes, including definition, documentation, ownership, tools, workload, metrics, controls, and maturity. Find any gaps in the process and identify requirements and opportunities for cost savings


Collaboratively design future-state processes to meet organizational service objectives and leverage standardized best practices. Develop service delivery RACI and define service improvement and productivity targets. Recommend any needed automation tools and find ways to cut costs.

Implementation Planning

Develop a new governance infrastructure and implementation plan to release or transition service processes into production. Turn related recommendations into an integrated roadmap with organizational and technical constraints.

Implementation Execution

Provide program management and change leadership while phasing in new structures, processes, and automation. Procure and implement automation. Transfer process management to owners and IT governance for control. Measure impact and validate savings attainment.

Our Wavestone experts will conduct a 360° assessment of your service process and organization to identify where change can be most impactful and determine how to effectively utilize infrastructure to achieve the performance and efficiency you need to drive value for the business. With our help, you’ll have an efficient IT operating model that is business-driven, focused on end-to-end service delivery, and addresses the three biggest constraints CIOs face today: speed, cost, and time.

Strategy Brief

The Four Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation

Overcome key organizational conflicts and keep your transformation agenda in check.

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