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Covid-19: Let's stick together

Extraordinary circumstances have called on us to do our part, as an individual or collective, to manage this situation. We hope that despite the upheaval, you and your loved ones remain safe, and your spirits, positive!

Although we may be physically distant due to the self-quarantine, our Wavestone teams continue to rally together and work creatively to remain collaborative alongside our clients and partners. And since our tools, resources, and techniques are just as effective from our rooms, kitchens, lounges, and other spaces as they are from our offices, we remain steadfastly at your service.

We at Wavestone are committed to being by your side to overcome difficulties and find new paths, in good and bad times.

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From value preservation to value added, what's trending on the CIO agenda in 2020?

Leveraging a wealth of expertise from more than 40 CIOs and IT experts, Wavestone CIO Radar US offers today’s IT leaders guidance to unlocking transformative change. From emerging trends such as decentralizing the IT function, or moving to hybrid cloud, the CIO Radar attempts to consolidate the myriad initiatives today’s IT leaders are faced with, ranking them by maturity level. Wavestone and its clients can use this tool widely in strategic thinking activities such as creating roadmaps, defining proper digital and IT strategy, or identifying innovative solutions to be tested through proofs of concept.



The W in WGroup now stands for Wavestone, but our commitment to excellence and your success has not changed.

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Wavestone is consistently recognized as one of the top business and IT advisors in the world



We help the world's leading organizations execute business and IT transformations, drive growth, and create a positive impact.



Balancing structured processes with creative solutions, we customize our approach and methodologies to fit your needs.



Our team is a blend of former C-suite executives and industry leaders, and high-quality talent at all levels who can tackle your most complex issues with a fresh approach.



Business is changing every day. Count on Wavestone to translate the industry's most pressing challenges into a competitive advantage for your business.


Let us guide you across the digital transformation chasm

Standing between every organization and its modern digital self is a gap of systems, skills, readiness, budget and speed. Here's how you can close this gap.

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Why You Shouldn't Have a Cloud Strategy

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Cloud Strategy

Too many companies have set strategies such as “cloud first” without really knowing why.
Unplanned Work: The Silent Enemy of Your Digital Transformation

Unplanned Work: The Silent Enemy of Your Digital Transformation

Few organizations are ready to deal with the impact of inertia on the transformation agenda.
The Five-Point Plan for Cloud Migration Success

The Five-Point Plan for Cloud Migration Success

The road to successful cloud migration entails much more than simply running an application or service from the cloud.
Proper Forecasting: Question Everything

Proper Forecasting: Question Everything

An honest review of forecasting within your organization will help root out the bloat and inefficiencies and create a more agile, cost-effective organization.
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